Meet your Androscoggin Fallen Angels

Posted on 01/24/2017 in Newsletter.

Congratulations to the first bout-eligible Androscoggin Fallen Angels!

Some of them have been skating with AFA since the league was created. Some joined at the latest recruitment in June. Others joined along the way. One thing is clear – these women are as tough and talented as can be.

Please come to the Lewiston Armory on March 18 to cheer on AFA as they skate in their first bout!

#f8 – Photo Bomber
#08 – Jennifeared
#12 – Bat Outta Hell
#13 – Melissa
#17 – Saint Hooligan
#28 – Demanda Ransom
#33 – Audzilla
#57 – Scandalous Scorpio
#412 – Razinkane
#666 – Seitanic Beast
#1017 – Myra Volt
#5050 – Fish-o-licous

photo by Lauryn Hottinger

Roller derby, in Maine?
YES! Not just in Maine, but right here in Lewiston!

People are constantly amazed to hear that women’s flat track roller derby is alive and well, and they are shocked to find out that there is a local league.

In March of 2015, a group of co-workers spent an entire lunch break talking about roller derby. They loved the idea of belonging to a team full of strong women and knew how great skating would be for both their physical and mental fitness. They marveled at the women they’d seen play and gushed about how great it would be to skate against their heroes – their derby crushes. They all agreed that not having a team in the Androscoggin area was a huge disappointment – it would be fantastic to have someplace to get fit and find your inner beast while having fun with friends. There was a comment made that someone should start a league.

A light bulb went off, and the Androscoggin Fallen Angels were born.

Over the next few months those friends worked tirelessly to recruit teammates, find a practice location, reach out to other Maine teams, and set up an organization that would hopefully outlive them all. It wasn’t easy – but the best things in life never are.

In May of 2015, they held their first recruitment meeting. Women and men of all ages and skating abilities filled the room, an excited buzz in the air. In June, the entire team left their first practice smiling. There was a roller derby league in L/A!

Things haven’t slowed down since.

There have been many changes over the last two years, yet the organization gets better each day.  There are great things ahead. Come follow along and join us AFA this astounding journey.

Ready to Grab life by the skates?

You’ve wanted to play roller derby since you saw your first bout. You love to skate! You’re a fast learner! You can play roller derby – no problem!

If you think roller derby is the sport for you, the Androscoggin Fallen Angels Roller Derby League is gearing up for another round of Fresh Meat Training this Spring.

We’d love to have you attend our Fresh Meat Information Session on January 25th at 5:30pm. at the Lewiston Armory.

This is THE best way to learn more about derby and AFA, meet our skaters, and ask questions. If you cannot make the info session, please email us for further details.

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