Introducing The Inferno!

Posted on 01/17/2018 in Roller Derby.

The Androscoggin Fallen Angels Roller Derby League is excited to announce the creation of our first team, The Inferno.



Wait, what does this mean?

Don’t worry, we are still the same Androscoggin Fallen Angels that you know and love!

In roller derby, it is normal for each league to have several of their own teams that bout against each other.  One of our league goals is the creation of several teams within our league so that we can get to this next step.

This being our first official team is a very exciting moment in our league’s history and we are honored to share this with you all!!


Creating “The Inferno”

Working on our new team brand was super fun and very involved.

We have a dynamic group of creative members on the AFA’s Marketing & Design committee and we tapped into the hive of the league too.

We brainstormed a long long list of potential team names – we wanted to keep in line with our brand of Fiery Feminist and a little rebellious and we wanted to stay consistent with our league’s name: Androscoggin Fallen Angels.

We brought several rounds of names to the skater in the league several times; while the voting was close in the beginning, The Inferno was destined to win. It beat out all other contenders, every single round.

We then brainstormed some “looks” that we like- we pulled inspiration from other professional sports teams as well as looking at So. Many. Roller. Derby. Websites.

We studied colors and consulted color theory. We chose three colors  (our specific red, orange and yellow) along with Black and White and sent two concepts to our amazing talented designer, Scholl Defining Image who sent back two choices. We made a few tweaks (Scholl was so incredible to work with).

We polled the league again and landed on the logo you see here!  Ta-da!!!




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  1. Barbara Haskell says:

    Could you post your schedule for when you have a bout in Lewiston?