Skate-a-thon 2018

Dear AFA League-mates,

A huge thank you to all of you that participated in our Skate-a-thon on March 3rd. I know it is not easy to ask your family, friends and strangers for donations and we appreciate that you all stepped out of your comfort zone for such a good cause. 

The Skate-a-thon benefited the League and our scholarship fund which helps skaters in need come up with some of the start up costs for derby.

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We so appreciate all of the AFA supporters that donated to our league and scholarship fund. A total of $2,406 was raised. AMAZING!

A shout out to our top fundraiser, Sparks! Sparks will enjoy 3 months of AFA dues being waived as thanks for her hard work in raising funds.

AFA stickers will go to the following skaters as thanks for raising $50 or more: Kristina Bouchard, Raven Havoc, Mother Cutter, Killa Gram, and Shred Astaire.

An AFA sticker and tee-shirt will be awarded to the following skaters for raising $100 or more: Rose Quirks, Helen Skaytes, Etch-Ah-Sketch, Ginger Snap-Her, Tiffany Theriault, Doom ’N Bloom, Daisy Cutter, Wild Violet, Chrissy, Van HoOTs, Goffda Track, and Smashing Punk’n.

Luna Roughgood and Sparks both raised over $250 and will receive an AFA Sticker, t-shirt, and pullover hoodie as our thanks.

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Our Boutfit Costume Contest winners were as follows:

Best Make-Up—Cherri Boom
Most Creative—Punk’n
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy—Chrissy and Van HoOTs
Funniest—Wild Violet
Most Intimidating—Ginger Snap Her

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A very special thank you to Bomber for coming up with the idea and enthusiasm for the Skate-a-thon and to Astaire for her hard work behind the scenes as well as the Fundraising Committee for their time and efforts.

I can’t wait for next year’s Skate-a-thon!

Derby Love,
Helen Skaytes

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