Daisy Cutter

How did you choose your derby name?
A coworker jokingly suggested it when I mentioned joining a derby league. Once I looked into the history of the BLU-52 bomb, nicknamed Daisy Cutter, in the Vietnam War, I thought it was fitting since I envisioned myself being a blocker, clearing the way for my jammer to “land”.

How has derby changed your life?
I have a social life now, haha! But on a serious note- when I find myself being self-conscious or doubting my abilities, I tell myself, “dude, you’re a badass roller derby chick, you can do this! Just hip check them if they give you grief.” And that usually gives me the little shot of confidence I need to tackle the task at hand.

Favorite non-derby workout?
Weight lifting! The stronger I get, the more excited I am. For me, seeing the weights increase is great motivation.

At practice, I am the one most likely to _____?
Smell my own skate once I take it off, just to see how bad it is.

Tell us something you love about Lewiston/Auburn?
The variety! Different cultures, businesses, activities, restaurants, views. They have their own derby league for Pete’s sake!

Position VP of Communications
Joined AFA April 2017
Season 2019