What is your pre-derby skating or athletic background?
I used to skate every other weekend with my mother at Happy Wheels in Augusta as a child. When I was 8, I got a pair of Barbie skates and tried them for the first time going down a hill outdoors. I broke both bones in my left forearm. It was an open fracture and I still have the scars. I guess derby is my way of saying that I won’t back down from a challenge.

How has derby changed your life?
As a stay-at-home mom who likes to take risks and express herself, derby has given me an outlet and many great people that I am glad to call friends.

What lesson(s) have you learned through roller derby?
Patience with myself. I might not get a skill today, but I know it will come in time with practice.

What is something non-derby related on your bucket list?
Run a marathon.

Tell us about your hobbies.
Plant-based cooking is my biggest hobby right now, mainly because it has to be. I am vegan and it takes a lot of planning and preparation to feed a family of 9.

Year of Birth 1983
Joined AFA April 2017
Number of Tattoos 0 but saving up!
Season Spring 2018