Seitanic Beast

What is your pre-derby skating or athletic background?
I had a fantastic pair of roller skates as a kid but I did much more figure skating than rollerskating. I played soccer, softball, and basketball all through junior high and high school, and after that have always tried to stay active and strong.

How did you choose your derby name?
I have been a vegetarian for over twenty years and have always loved that the wheat meat called seitan sounds so demonic. When I am working out or playing a sport I have always been all in, so the beast part just fell into place.

What lesson(s) have you learned through roller derby?
In order to see improvement it takes hard work every chance you get. Roller derby hit this home for me, and this pretty much goes for everything in life.

Do you have a lucky/favorite item of gear or workout wear?
My 666 knee socks!


Joined AFA June 2016
Season Spring 2018