Winter Wonderslam-A Friends and Family Scrimmage

Posted on 12/26/2017 in Roller Derby. Tags: , .

This derby thing we do– it’s hard work. We train on and off skates, we go to practices and meetings, we struggle to overcome physical and mental obstacles, and we sometimes have to deal with naysayers or doubters or people who just have no idea what it is exactly we are doing (Can you say rollerblade?).

So it means a whole heck of a lot when we do finally get to share our derby passion with those in our lives who we hold near and dear. Our friends, family, partners, roommates, co-workers, book club buddies–anyone and everyone who we don’t do the derby with.

Recently, we got to do just that at a special Friends and Family scrimmage– the Winter WonderSlam– at the Lewiston Armory on Saturday, December 9th. ¬†At this event our newly scrimmage eligible skaters got to show off just how far they’ve come in their training, and the rest of the league got to share their new skills as non-skating officials, announcers, bout coordinators, and even track ninjas. (Yeah, you heard that right, we have a job called track ninja.)

The day was amazing and AFA wants to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who came to show support and cheer us on. Without friends and family to support us, we often could not make it to practices or events, or overcome those voices of self doubt. We appreciate all our fans, especially those who we know and share our lives with, so THANK YOU!

We cannot wait to share our upcoming bout season announcements with you all, so STAY TUNED!!!

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