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The Bruised Boutique, Nashua, NH Bruised Boutique is another one of our wonderful sponsors!

Roller Derby Recyclabes (Facebook page): used equipment


Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

Local Roller Skating rinks:

Please know- when you are skating at public rinks, this is not a time to practice drills. Go with the flow! If you want to work on basic skating, there is usually space in the middle of the rink to practice things like backwards skating, mohawks or transitions.

Rollodrome, Auburn

Happy Wheels, Portland

Great Books:

We use a training program designed by Punchy O’Guts. She wrote EveryGirl’s Guide to Roller Derby


Roller Derby Athletics– In addition to premium paid fitness programs, RDA has a FREE basics builders that takes only eight minutes a day that will begin to build your muscle memory. This is highly encouraged!

Flat Mat Yoga-Excellent esource for helping you improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Videos and online yoga classes created with derby in mind.