New Skaters

Do I have to be a great skater?

No. We can teach you how to skate. We all have different skill levels, but with lots of practice and hard work, our league will become full of amazing skaters!

How much time will it take?

Practices are generally 2 nights per week for 2 hours. Additional skating outside of practice time is encouraged. Off-skates workouts will be recommended. Participation in committee work and promotional appearances are highly encouraged for league members.

What equipment do I need?

Skates, elbow pads, knee pads, mouth guard, wrist guards, and helmets are required to practice. Be sure to ask the other skaters what they like when it comes to equipment. It’s a good idea to ask someone who is roughly your size about their preferred gear, especially when it comes to wheels. Buying equipment can be overwhelming, but we’ll help you figure things out. We highly recommend you try on skates before purchasing (see Resources below for skate shop info). You will not be able to practice until you acquire the proper fitting gear.

How much does it cost to start?

Roller Derby is not cheap- but in the resource section there is a link to some used gear sites. If you are buying everything new, you can expect to invest the following:

Skates- start at $100-but can go over $800

Pads and Wrist guards $50 – $200

Wheels- starting at $45 for a set

Mouth guard- $1- $60

League Dues- $35/month or $90 quarterly

Insurance (mandatory) $80/year (Jan-December- no pro-rating)

Jerseys (optional) $20

Butt pads (optional but oh-so-wonderful) approx. $25

What if I get hurt?

Roller derby is a contact sport, and injury is always possible.  This is why we wear protective gear.  All skaters must obtain WFTDA insurance, which covers injuries on skates at derby practice and bouts.  We will do everything possible (strength training, lots of communication on technique) to minimize injuries.  Sprains, strains, pulled muscles and fractures are a part of derby life! A minor injury can turn into a major injury very quickly if not treated properly. If you have pre-existing injuries we recommend talking to your doctors about additional risks of playing a contact sport.

Do I have to be a certain size to play?

Absolutely not!  There are certain advantages to being big or small, short or tall, and our league has a variety of body types, as do most other leagues. When it comes to derby your body is always an asset in some way, and that’s one of the beautiful things about derby!

How old do I have to be?

Over 18. There is no upper age limit. At the present time we have several members who are in their 50’s and there are teams elsewhere in the country who have rostered skaters in their 70’s.

How do I choose my derby name?

Choosing a derby name is very common in the sport of roller derby. You do not have to choose a name, but if you wish to, you will need to run it by  to ensure it is not already taken. It must be PG-13. Derby names can be seen as an opportunity to adopt an alternative on-track persona. Names are creative and fun and can be tough or just plain funny!