Mutha and Me

Posted on 05/13/2018 in Newsletter.

For Mother’s Day, we reached out to our resident roller skating mother-daughter duo Daisy Cutter and Mother Cutter for some insight on what it’s like to do derby together.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Daisy Cutter:

I joined AFA 1 year ago for many of my own reasons. Before I knew it, I started getting more involved with the league and found myself among such a diverse group of new friends. My mom transplanted to Maine from Florida in November of 2017. She didn’t know anyone here, besides me. She was starting a new job and felt a little out of place from uprooting her Floridian life. Being from Michigan, she knew what to expect from our cold winters so her first Maine winter wasn’t a shock, but it can still get a person a little down being limited due to all of that cold white stuff. She grew up an ice figure skater and always inline skated for fun. I knew she missed skating and her friends, so I invited her to join AFA’s Derby 101 program. She could get to know the league and see if she enjoyed it enough to possibly try the freshie training program that started up a few months later. Here we are, a little over a month after she started 101. She has adopted a new found love for quad skating (she’s pretty darn good at it too), found a group of wonderful humans to get to know, and has been lovingly dubbed Mother Cutter. She now wants to go through the freshie training program up to whatever point she feels comfortable and enjoys going to the Rollerdrome to skate with other league members. I couldn’t be happier that my Mum found her niche in this wonderful league that we have the privilege to spend so much time with.


Mother Cutter:

I am so impressed with how hard Jamie has worked to become scrimmage eligible. She is committed and focused and has become a skilled skater so quickly.

At first I was a little hesitant to join AFA because of my age, but after meeting some of the people involved, I was excited to join. Everyone is so supportive and welcoming. I love being part of this wonderful organization. The best part of 101 practice is watching Jamie start to take on a leadership role. She comes every week to assist Sugar, our Derby 101 trainer, as needed. She is capable and confident and I am in awe of my strong and beautiful daughter. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your life.

4 responses on “Mutha and Me

  1. Jamie says:

    Awe! Mummy!

  2. Bull says:

    You two are so sweet and you can definitely tell that there is a great love and respect between the two of you.

  3. Jane says:

  4. Ginger SnapHer says:

    You two are the cutest and I’m in awe of you both! Derby love! <3