Rose Quirks

How did you choose your derby name?
Choosing a name was a long process. My middle name is Rose, rose was my grandmother’s favorite flower, relatives called me rose related nicknames, and now I have a huge back tattoo of a rose. Using roses in my name was the only thing I was certain of! There were many rose names before but Rose Quirks FELT right.

How has derby changed your life?
I have definitely gained so much more confidence in and out of practice. I’m still all too guilty of saying sorry , giving up the inside line during drills, and saying sorry again, but compared to pre AFA, I swear I’ve come miles.

What lesson(s) have you learned through roller derby?
I’m learning what it really means to be a team. I know I can trust that someone will always be there on and off the track if I needed it. I see how much of my teammates give of themselves and it makes me strive to do the same, to be the teammate I want to be and the one they all deserve.

What is your “day job”?
I’m an Ed Tech with non verbal kiddos and I couldn’t love my job more.

Tell us about your hobbies.
I love making art, preferably something with a darker twist.


Year of Birth 1992
Joined AFA April 2017
Number of Tattoos 2
Season 2019