What is your pre-derby skating or athletic background?
I had some skating experience like most people when I was a child and in recent years have gotten into road cycling.
How did you choose your derby name and number?
My last name is Irish and I really like shamrocks.  I fell asleep one night trying to come up with a derby name that was related to shamrocks and woke up in the middle of the night with the inspiration.  

Favorite non-derbyworkout?

Since starting derby my road bike has seen very few miles.  Currently I “enjoy” going to the gym to get a core workout in.   

What is your pre-derby skating or athletic background?
I grew up sailing, skiing, and playing field hockey. I do not have a lot of experience with organized sports and have never played a contact sport until taking up roller derby.
Favorite non-derby workout?

What is something non-derby related on your bucket list?
To travel to all the continents, so far I have Antarctica and Australia left!

Year of Birth 1980
Joined AFA January 2019
Number of Tattoos 0
Season 2019