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AFA Gets Their Scrimmage On!

You may have already heard the big news, but in case you haven’t: AFA now has scrimmage nights! On Sunday, October 21st at 5pm, we held the first of our new scrimmage practices.

This was a particularly historic night for AFA, as it was the first time we have hosted a scrimmage with two teams of AFA skaters, and the first time with AFA officials!

Scrimmage is an opportunity for our newest group of “Scrimmage-Eligible” skaters to put their derby skills to work in gameplay scenarios. The same goes for our Officials, both Skating and Non-skating, who are working hard to learn and master their own skills at officiating roller derby. Everyone did such an amazing job!

Wanna get involved?

Guest skaters from other leagues are welcome and should be able to provide their WFTDA Insurance number plus verification of Scrimmage-Eligibility in advance.

Folks wishing to learn Non-Skating Official skills (such as score-keeping, penalty box timing, penalty tracking, jam timing, and lineup tracking) are also welcome! If you haven’t learned any NSO positions yet, you can shadow someone who has.

All who are interested in joining the fun, please contact our league Head of Training, Leif Mia Lone, at afarollerderby@gmail.com.

Scrimmages are closed to the public at this time, but keep following our facebook and other social media pages for announcements on our 2019 bout season!

(AFA would like to give special shoutouts to Coconutz Chanel, Cary Zawhistle, Some Skater Named X, and Little Miss Muffinator, who came as guest officials and shared their expertise and knowledge with us. THANK YOU!)