Then and Now

Posted on 05/09/2018 in Newsletter, Roller Derby. Tags: , , , .

By Sparks & Wreck   As my league moves into a recruitment cycle and the one year anniversary of my Freshie class rolls around, there are a lot of “then and now” pictures flying around on my Facebook timeline, including my own. All of the pictures are success stories in one way or another–they show… Read More

Confessions of a (Nearly) 50 Year Old Derby Girl

Posted on 03/22/2018 in Roller Derby. Tags: , , , .

Introducing Cherri Boom, who will be writing a regular column for us about her real time journey learning roller derby skills! Several years ago, at my brother’s dining room table in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, somehow the topic of Roller derby comes up. There is a local team, The Jackson Hole Juggernauts, affectionately nicknamed The Juggs…. Read More